EdithE.jpgEdith Chavers Elion is the first African American and the first female Executive Director of Atlantic Street Center, which was founded in 1910. She has been with Atlantic Street Center nearly 40 years.

Edith began her career as a Mental Health Therapist and provided individual, group and family therapy to community members for 12 years. She was then promoted to the position of Associate Director with Atlantic Street Center and responsible for the Internal Operations, Program Development, Personnel, and Grants Development. After 14 years as Associate Director, Edith became the Executive Director in 2002. She is responsible for Agency Operations, Finance, Resource Development, Human Resources, Program Direction, and Board, Government and Community Relations.

Under her leadership, many programs have been created for and provided to children, youth and families in the areas of Education, Homelessness, Family Support, Adolescent Development, Violence Prevention, and Professional Mental Health services, to name a few. The programs Edith has either developed or nurtured take a unique approach to providing educational and mental health services to children, youth and families in the most diverse areas in Seattle and south King County.

Edith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. In addition to her work at Atlantic Street Center, she is involved in many community activities in Seattle Washington. She is a Practicum Instructor for the University of Washington’s School of Social Work and a recent Board member of the Associated Recreational Council which supports Parks and Recreation in Seattle.