The Teens as Parents Program (TAPP) has been a crucial component of the Atlantic Street Center’s service model for the last 14 years.

It is our mission to provide the multifaceted support necessary for each pregnant or parenting teen to become a successful, nurturing parent and contributing member of society.  We aim to do this by providing each participant with foundations in parent education, social support, individual assistance, and educational support services.  This program focuses on helping pregnant and parenting teens to develop and strengthen parenting skills, increase housing stability, achieve educational goals, work towards occupational success, and build life skills that lead towards self-sufficiency.  By providing young parents with access to crucial resources, and equipping them with vital life skills, it is our hope that we can help them to create better and more successful lives for themselves and their children.

Services provided by TAPP include:

  • Comprehensive case management that strives to ensure access to all available health, education, and social services for which each participant is eligible.
  • Free onsite child care is available for the children of participating teen parents during the parenting classes and other activities, as needed.
  • A free meal is provided for each participant and their children during each TAPP class.
  • Access and referrals to counseling services for each participant and their children.

Contact Information

Michelle Mitchell-Brannon, Program Manager
Family Resource Center
5150 South Cloverdale Place
Seattle, WA, 98118
Family Center: (206) 723-1301
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