CoRe Gaming Group

As an experienced leader in Community Based Behavioral Health, Atlantic Street Center knows that community and school-based care is the best strategy to effectively reduce the burden of behavioral issues that prevent access to services. Evidence shows that improved mental well-being during childhood and adolescence has a broad range of positive, life-long impacts.

ASC’s CoRe Gaming Group is an innovative project tailored to serve middle schoolers by using video games as a therapeutic tool to help teach interpersonal skills, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation. As a community-based provider, our therapists bring a mobile gaming center to middle schools around the region. We combine evidence-based therapy (such as DBT, CBT, and SFBT) with gaming to help youth accomplish their goals.

CoRe is designed to develop and instill Courage, Cooperation, Respect and Resourcefulness values within the youth served. Our therapists teach skills that help youth stay safe, remain calm under pressure, communicate respectfully and persuasively, expand their connection to their family and community, make lasting and valuable friendships, and develop achievable goals for themselves and their communities.

Video games are an ideal avenue to address this mission: Because youth usually have positive associations with video game technology, covert learning can and does take place without the normal resistance to overt educational approaches. Moreover, this technology uses a multi-sensory approach to learning, using visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning modalities.

Please see our calendar for CoRe Gaming Group scheduling.

To sign up, or further information or questions, please contact:

Wilder Nutting-Heath, CoRe Facilitator

Gabriel MathewsCoRe Gaming Group